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FAQ for Brick, Paver, and Tile Donor Campaigns


Why a Paver/Brick or Tile Fundraiser?

Paver, Brick and Tile Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for the project and at the same time recognize donors or memorialize important contributors and veterans. Donors not only like to see the finished project that their donations help build, but also enjoy seeing their Name, Business, Message, or Loved One's Name permanently engraved in a brick or tile.

Engraved Bricks and Pavers have been sold anywhere from $50 to $5,000 per brick in order to raise project funds. They Set-Up costs are minimal to start this type of fundraiser.

Engraved Bricks or Tiles can be used to raise money for College, University, and Hospital Additions, Build Athletic Facilities, Create Parks, Build Memorials, Raise Funds for Library, Town Hall, New Fire trucks and so on.

How are Engraved Bricks and Tiles Used?

Engraved Bricks, Pavers, and Tiles are typically incorporated right into the project such as in a walkway or a wall.

When using bricks in a walkway, It is a commmon approach to use a sand bedding so that the walkway may be built and that the engraved bricks can be added to the walkway by replacing an existing brick. This method also extends the life of the fundraising campaigne until all bricks have been engraved.

What type of Bricks and Pavers are used?

We recommend the use of Clay Bricks if possible. Clay Bricks are lighter than cement bricks, contain no aggregate, and have a nicer appearance when engraved. Either way, Cement or Clay, we reccommend that the cement bricks be epoxy filled for appearances and preservation purposes - especially if used in walkways. Whichever brick is chosen - the top surface should be as smooth as possible or their can be a distorted appearance in the engraving. Typical Brick and Paver Sizes are 4"x8", 8"x8", and 12" x 12" and come in a variety of colors

Smooth-faced Bluestone has also been used in engraved walkway designs. Bluestone can be cut to any size.

What type of Tiles are used?

We can use any smooth surfaced tile such as Ceramic, Marble, Granite, or Smooth Stone Faced Tile. Tiles can be part of the wall and flooring systems or in many cases stand alone in a framed decorative border. Typical Tile and Paver Sizes are 4"x8", 6"x6", and 12" x 12" and come in a variety of colors.

How are they engraved?

All of our Stone, Tile, and Pavers are engraved by Sandblasting. Sandblasting has been used to engrave monuments, stone, ceramics, glass, and metals for well over a hundred years. It typically is a deeper and longer lasting engraving than Laser Engraving. The Sandblasting process is a hands-on process, so each item is individually handled from the artwork through the sandcarving and painting/epoxy process through final clean-up and delivery.

What can be engraved on Bricks, pavers, and tiles?

Depending on the smoothness of the surface, we can engrave almost anything from Letters, Logos', Messages, and Photo's. This of course depends on the detail of the design to be engraved and the detail needed for display. For example, we can place photos on granite because of the glass like smoothness. However, for a cement based paver we would be limited to much less detail such as simple logo's and text. We can create artwork or re-create logos, or use your camera ready artwork in most cases depending again on the design detail and the smoothness of the surface to be engraved. Our Graphics and Font Databases contain thousands of images and font choices.

Do you also do installations or just provide the engraving?

We do much more than the engraving! We are the starting point for your fundraiser. However, we do not actually do the paver installation. We reccommend that a landscaper or mason skilled in the design of walkways and walls be used for your installations. Fundraisers like this can typically pay for top of the line professional engineering, design, and installation services to create a functional work of art. We can create and maintain a database of all donors, create Donor forms, provide an online ordering point, provide ad templates for letter writing campaigns, as well as engrave the donor pavers or tiles.

How do we determine the price to charge a donor?

There is a number of ways you can charge for donor pavers. Pavers can be priced by engraved line, by private or corporate sponsor, or by the size of the paver or tile. Maybe the installers, newspapers, or marketeers working on the project would be willing to discount the cost of work or even provide it without cost for their own engraved paver. Some Brick Suppliers may also want to donate the bricks or discount them for their engraved spot in the project.

Do you provide the pavers?

We can provide the Pavers. At the very least we would like to be involved in the selection of the pavers since we will actually be doing the engraving. As stated above, certain pavers give a crisper look than others. It all depends on the makeup of the paver and if it contains aggregate. Some Pavers are just not worth doing.

How much does the engraving Cost?

The Engraving costs come from your fund-raising sales so there is no up-front costs or deposits that need to be made. No out-of-pocket costs make this type of fund-raiser hard to beat. Once you receive a number of paid paver orders through your fund-raising efforts, we can start the engraving process. For filled pavers, there is a minimum quantity  or minimum charge since fresh epoxy must be opened and used immediatly. Actual Engraving costs are determined by paver or tile size, Type of material to be engravrd (bluestone, concrete, granite), The fill for the engraving (paint or epoxy), as well what will be engraved. To discuss your brick/paver/tile fund-raising project, just give us a call or ask for a quote.





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